29 Sep

Job Oriented Course

Python Academy conducted Job Oriented Course as a part of course “Data Science with Python”. Mr. Parag Wankar provides great knowledge on multiple topics viz. Interview Techniques, Group Discussion, Resume
28 Sep

Data Analytics in Industry

Python Academy Organised seminar on “Data Analytics in Industry” by Mr. Sarang Ghawde,Group Technology Manager – Cloud Technologies at Click2Cloud Inc. The seminar witnessed participation of over 30 candidates.This program
28 Sep

3rd Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Python Academy organised “3rd Certification Distribution Ceremony” with the free Seminar on “Data Science : Jobs of Future” was conducted with full enthusiasm. Prateek Chandrayan Co-founder, Konverge AI has given
27 Sep

Job Orientation Program

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26 Sep

Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science is a must learn for professionals in the Data Analytics domain. With the growth in IT industry, there is a booming demand for skilled Data Scientists